Friday, July 17, 2009

~* HantaRaN foR kaWEn-KaWeN *~

this 20 pieces cuppies ordered from my old schoolmate for her hantaran on her wedding day....

requested chocolate flavor with buttercream topping and roses fondant deco...

she asked me also to decorate her 'kotak hantaran' to fill all the cuppies..just make try and error to deco and finally..........not too bad *perasan sat ;)

the theme colors were maroon and white....I made my best tried to fill her needs....

:: top view of 20 pcs cuppies ::

:: front view ::

:: cuppies in the box ::

:: the hantaran ::

thanks Baby for believe in me in making your "hantaran" ~~

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~* HaPpY BirtHdaY *~

again~~~ordered come from my boss *thanks Kak Fidah sebab promote ke family ;) for her sis friend's birthday *betul ke nih?? hehehe...

she ordered 16 pieces of cuppies with girly theme for the birthday's girl...the cuppies were in chocolate flavor with buttercream topping and deco *yang lain tengah belajar wat lagi ;)

here the pics~~~







thanks to Kak Fidah for promoting my cuppies ~~~

who wants to order are welcome.... ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

~*cupPiES for MaKAn-MaKaN*~

another order by Fiza *previous ordered for Wan's besday....this time she ordered for majlis makan-makan at her office....

requested any design of cuppies with buttercream topping and deco....and hasilnya was like this~~






thanks Fiza for your order ~~ len kali order lagi yea ;)

Friday, May 29, 2009

~*cuPpiEs foR EngAgEmENt*~

come again~~!

May is such a buziest month in this year *mana ngan keja asyik outstation je, rezeki cupcakes melimpah ruah, ALHAMDULLILLAH

for this time, I received an order from my friend *nun jauh di Kedah nuu requested me to make cuppies as 'hantaran' for her engagement's day this weekend...

so, by the time 12am I'd made a delivery to another friend, Aimy as a volunteer to pass it coz she is going to Kedah to attend that engagement's ceremony *gwe tak dapat pulang sih sebabnya mentua gwe datang...

so, view the pics and any orders are welcome ;)

buttercream topping and fondant deco

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~*BirThdaY foR GirL 6 YearS oLd*~

cuppies ordered by Kak Fidah, my bos for her celebration her daughter's birthday...

she mentioned to deco a girly theme and some cartoon...but, I'm not master in drawing so, the spongebob *ada rupa spongebob ke tu? ;) was looked like that *lawak lawak (husben yang lukeh tu)

she was very excited and can't wait for a bite *perasan jap ;)

thanks for your order ..~~!!

front view

spongebob yang sengal~~!

taa daa~~!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

~*CuppiEs foR fiaNce*~

cuppies ordered by Nini, my officemate for celebrating her fiance's birthday...

she asked to decorate with bowling, badminton and wut-so-ever theme related to her fiance...

it's done and she loved the cuppies~~!!

thanks Nini for the order..~~!!

buttercream deco

bowling theme~~!

siap for delivery

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~*HanTaRan & dOoRgiFtS foR sHoOD*~

I received order from my best friend, Shood, to prepare 200 cuppies and packed in individual 'Dome' casing as a doorgift for her wedding.....

The theme color was turqoise and little bit of peach color...looking so nice and cute *perasan jap ;)
I just returned from Lumut *dah start outstation dah la ni and continued baking till 6am in the morning *bayangkan dengan tak tidornya but I was enjoyed.....

hasilnya sangat membanggakan as I'm a newly baker...

200 cuppies waiting to be deco~!!aduyaii

yang dah siap ~ packed with 'DOME' transparent casing for individual doorgifts

hantaran in peach color theme ~~ last minute idea ;)